Why CreditMinerSM

In today’s retail automotive environment, any edge a dealer can give itself is one step closer to ensuring profitability. At CreditMiner, we are operators. Former Fixed op directors, Dealer Principals, Platform Managers, GMs and GSMs. So every product we create, is designed to deliver a tool that assists our dealers to gain a distinct advantage, sell the unit, and remain profitable in each transaction.

CreditMinerSM Delivers a trio of benefits to our Dealer Partners, in ways that will have a big impact on the pay line. The number that matters, net profitability.

Real Time Credit Score

They are out there. Companies who promise to deliver a “soft pull”, giving you the picture into the consumer’s soul. But then reality sets in, and you realize the score you show on the soft pull doesn’t match what’s on your screen in DealerTrack, ADP, or any of the credit delivery tools you utilize. The reason: in the market space we operate in there are two ways to gather data, the “right way,” and the inexpensive way. CreditMinerSM only utilizes Real Time bureau data, meaning each time your customer, or your managers hit enter, they are pulling a live bureau record. The other way, too often includes a “static” pull, whereby the consumer’s data is matched to an archived bureau record, sometimes 90 days old. At CreditMinerSM we recognize that the only data that matters is current data, and we utilize real time data to insure that the data you rely on is the data that is current.

Instant Firm offer of Credit

CreditMinerSM, delivers a web based product where your consumers get an instant firm offer of credit. Utilizing a risk tier model that mirrors that of your captive lenders, CreditMinerSM Delivers not just a score, but a score that tells you EXACTLY the tier this consumer scored out at. The guesswork has been removed for both your managers and salespeople. Now, your online application conversion will sky rocket with applications that come to you knowing whether or not that consumer has both the want AND the ability to purchase a vehicle.

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