Virtual Credit Consultant – Powered by TU, EQ

CreditMinerSM is the automotive industry’s only Real-Time pre-screen provider, giving dealers simultaneous access to bureau data. It’s proprietary software platform provides the industry with permissible full file bureau data. CredtiMinerSM is integrated into the Virtual Credit Consultant, DeskMiner, eAutoAppraise, and most leading CRM & Equity Mining companies within the automotive space. Franchise & independent dealers will finally have a true credit snapshot of its prospect allowing dealers to match the right car, to the right customer, with the right financing options every time.

VCC 3 Step Process

Customer Credit Made Easy

Generating high quality tiered credit leads has never been easier with the use of the “Virtual Credit Consultant”. VCC plugs into any dealers website and features a quick 3-step process. VCC does not require customers to enter their Social Security # or DOB, resulting in max conversion opportunity. Dealers can choose to pre-screen customers in real time resulting in soft pull data being delivered to the CRM of their choice or within the CreditMinerSM dashboard.

  • Real-Time Auto Enhanced Scoring
  • 5 Auto Loans
  • Cosigner Indicator
  • Loan Balance
  • APR
  • # of Late Payments
  • Revolving Debt % and $
  • Loan Term
  • Number of Hard Inquires in Last 90 Days
  • No SS# or DOB Necessary
  • Zero Impact on Score
  • Fully FCRA Compliant

credit tiers summary chart

Customizable Tier Offering

VCC gives dealers full control to turn on and off credit tiers. Dealers can also control the interest rates and amount of credit offered within each tier. The possibilities are endless. Not all dealers have the same strategy when it comes to credit shopping customers so having these options is paramount for success.

Highest converting lead form

Highest Converting Lead Form

It comes with no surprise that VCC is the leading form generator of organic traffic that visits all dealer websites (mobile & desktop included). Live avatar, 3 steps, no SS# and no DOB makes this application a no brainer.

simultaneous bureau file pulling

Simultaneous Bureau File Pulling

Dealers will now be able to pre-screen consumers against credit bureaus, receive full file return, creating credit complete transparency and full clarity of the consumers’ credit situation. Save huge money by not having to pull a hard bureau until a deal is actually being sent to the bank.

Integrated CRM 2018 update

Integrated to ALL CRM Companies

CreditMiner technology is everywhere. We are integrated with the largest CRM and Equity Mining tools in the industry. Odds are if a company is using soft pull technology, CreditMiner is the provider behind the scenes.

Collage of multiple avatars available

Multiple Avatars

Choose from five different avatars to represent your Virtual Credit Consultant or ask us how to film your very own representative!

OEM theme compliant screen options

Multiple Templates

It’s important to make sure that any application added to your website looks like it belongs there. VCC has multiple colors, fonts and OEM compliancy covered, so your choices are endless.

Responsive screens

100% Responsive Technology

Your customers shop on a multitude of devices. VCC from CreditMiner goes beyond the typical responsive site by offering a Responsive application with server side elements (RESS). Simply put, we deliver a graphical user experience that is optimized for any desktop or mobile device while paying attention to load speed of our application.

CreditMiner reporting

Advanced Reporting

We know it can be challenging to connect the metrics behind an application and equate that to vehicle sales, so we do it for you. One login onto the CreditMiner dashboard and we will provide you the answers to your lead counts by tier, credit score averages and much more.

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