Downers Grove, IL October 1, 2015 — CreditMiner™, the automotive industry’s only Real-Time Pre-Screen solution for automotive dealers, today announced the addition of VISOIQ™ to its full suite of data offerings. This proprietary database of over 200 million consumers allows auto dealers to obtain critical financial and behavioral data, whether the consumer has applied for credit, or if a pre-screen has occurred.

This non FCRA data gives OEMs and dealers unique consumer insight which can be used to greatly improve engagement. VISOIQ relies on CreditMiner’s proprietary algorithms to create consumer mosaics from data such as home ownership; income; length of time on job; occupation; education level; primary household language; previously bought new or bought used; wealth score and asset scoring. Triggers such as newly married/divorced/widowed/retired; current vehicle owned; as well as in market purchase triggers allow dealership staff to know not only who they are talking to, but how to engage them in the buying cycle. This data set is unparalleled in the industry.

“Heading into the Digital Dealer conference, I couldn’t think of a better time to introduce VISOIQ to the automotive world. This data truly changes the consumer experience. We allow the dealer to append this data to any data under their rooftop. This means that now the dealer doesn’t just see Bob Smith, he sees Dr. Robert Smith, pediatrician for over 20 years, making over $300,000 per year with all 4 children out of the house, which he owns outright,” said Don O’Neill, General Manager of CreditMiner. “Imagine knowing if your consumer is social media active, if he or she is a baby boomer or a Gen Y. How we engage the consumer, contacting them within their comfort zone of a transaction, that equals true engagement,” O’Neill added.

With the addition of VISOIQ, CreditMiner clients will soon see these data sets within the CreditMiner return. Regardless of if the consumer passes a pre-screen, CreditMiner can still deliver this Non-FCRA data to assist the dealer in the engagement process.
“We are a data company. Whether it is software that allows dealers to utilize credit-based data, or products like VISOIQ, we are data-centric,” O’Neill stated. “The goal is, and always will be, to deliver data and provide offerings that convert to Unit Sales. Anything else is just pixie dust. The bell doesn’t ring unless the car gets sold, and we believe this product will be ringing a lot of bells.”
CreditMiner will be demonstrating its full suite of products and services at the upcoming Digital Dealer 19 Conference and Exposition, October 5-7, 2015, in Las Vegas, NV.
For more information visit booth #523 at Digital Dealer 19, call: 817-213-7042, or visit

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About CreditMiner:

CreditMiner is a data centric SaaS provider and credit re-seller in the automotive retail sector. It brings Credit, Compliance and non FCRA data into the hands of OEMs, lenders, and dealers. With its patent pending and proprietary technologies, CreditMiner allows dealers to make data-based decisions, while providing an entirely new road map for consumer engagement. As the only credit reseller holding relationships with all 3 bureaus for Pre-Screen, CreditMiner continues to provide un-paralleled real-time solutions to the automotive retail sector.