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AutoAlert is the automotive industry’s leading data-mining and trade-cycle management platform helping dealerships identify high-quality sales opportunities, increase gross margin, and improve customer retention. Offering intelligent, up-to-the-minute shopper insights, as well as the ability to extend dealerships’ reach in the marketplace by building meaningful consumer relationships, AutoAlert is focused on providing an unequaled experience for its customers. Dealerships are able to compound sales, provide enhanced customer service, and make more informed marketing decisions with the industry’s first Complete Portfolio Management solution.

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ELEAD1ONE is the industry standard in automotive software and technology. It’s who we are. Led by a husband and wife team working side by side, we are passionate in our aspiration to shape the automotive retail industry with unique business perspectives and honest solutions.

Our goal is to create personalized solutions that compliment our clients’ culture, values, and company goals. And above all, we believe in long-term resources and success that drive you forward through continuous process and collaboration as exciting and fun as the end result.

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Dealer eProcess

Dealer eProcess was the first website provider to offer dealers an Adaptive or Responsive (RESS) Website solution. Operating across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Holland, Dealer eProcess offers an integrated suite of products with each product and service designed to be best in class. Dealer eProcess makes it easy by offering everything from SEM, chat, and an Advanced VDP to specialty websites, custom content, an assisted service scheduler, and an assisted pre-approval system.

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Every auto dealership is looking for an advantage. OneCommand is the successful dealer’s secret weapon for delivering consistent results in their Sales and Service Departments. Join thousands of dealers who are using the OneCommand Platform and CRM every day. OneCommand is the industry leader in deploying leading edge technology that is proven to increase responses, drive traffic and lower marketing costs.

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CDK Global

CDK Global is the largest global provider of integrated information technology and digital marketing solutions to the automotive retail industry. We provide integrated technology solutions to over 27,000 Auto, Truck, Motorcycle, Marine, Recreational Vehicle and Heavy Equipment dealers throughout the world.


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DealerSocket makes it simple for automotive dealerships to manage opportunities and create processes through one automotive platform.


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Auto Shopper

Automotive search engine. Digital flip page automotive magazine targeted print publications, since 1978.


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Bidzpin is your best friend at the auto auction! Look up vehicle values for almost any vehicle and instantly calculate the details of the transaction. Walk the lot before the auction and create a list of vehicles to watch. Add the vehicles you buy to your inventory for later review.


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Dealer eVolution

Learn more about Dealer eVolution and our other partners by completing our Contact form.


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Dealer Safeguard Solutions

This is the industry’s only complete platform that integrates with your existing systems to provide the most protection possible against regulatory agencies and most importantly your brand!


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eAutoAppraise is the next generation trade-in platform that has changed the relationship between dealers and car buyers. Backed by several OEM endorsements, eAutoAppraise empowers dealerships with exclusive, actionable consumer data and robust, interactive reporting not customarily available to today’s dealers. Featuring two products in one, eAutoAppraise is both a trade-in or sell us your vehicle application as well as an inventory and payment-prescreening tool. The platform generates high quality, low-funnel, incremental leads with a closing ratio of 25-30%.


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First Approval Source

First Approval Source is your profit services company. Unlike the narrow view taken by traditional financial services providers, First Approval Source starts by recognizing that more and better qualified finance leads results in more unit sales. Once we have helped drive the increase in unit sales, then our attention turns to helping deliver more profit per unit.



Get a Lease

In addition to all the newest and best auto lease listings, Get A Lease offers you the answers to your most important leasing questions. Just what exactly does it mean to lease a car? Do I need good credit? How do I know for sure if I am getting a good lease deal? If you’ve got an auto leasing question, we’ve got the answer.


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Moore & Scarry

Moore & Scarry Advertising is 100% dedicated to your automotive retail business. With years of experience serving clients and delivering results in a specific industry, no other agency understands you better.


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Rhino Advantage

Rhino Advantage is dedicated to helping companies and their champions find the right tools to reach their ultimate sales, profit & performance goals. As companies fight their way through a jungle of daily distractions that waste their time, money & patience they often face the frustration of not knowing what path to take…..what product to add…. what company & people to trust? What these companies need is the Rhino Advantage!


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Traffic Control by Autosoft

We know it sounds cliche’, but it really is true. We’re car dealers – so we know exactly what’s missing from the other CRMs out there. We dealt with it for years – and finally decided to put together the most comprehensive platform we could. We are more than proud to introduce TRAFFIC CONTROL. It’s made us better, and it can do the same for you, we’re sure of it.


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Xcel Media Group

At Xcel, we understand the challenges that dealerships face today. We also know that those challenges are not the same for every dealership. We work with you to understand your dealership and your market first. Then, we tailor a solution just for your dealership. We love seeing our dealers succeed.