Determine an Internet Lead’s Power to Purchase!

What is Power to Purchase?

Are you tired of wasting time and resources on unqualified leads? Would you like to drive more traffic to your website’s pre-qualify page? OneCommand’s Power to Purchase is a comprehensive, integrated communications strategy that encourages current and potential buyers to engage with your marketing and get pre-qualified in three easy steps. This turn-key solution provides consistent, relevant touch points to buyers during their ownership and purchase lifecycle to drive them to your website’s pre-qualify page.

How Does Power to Purchase Work?


Give Buyers Confidence

Social security numbers are not required to submit a pre-qualify lead form, so potential buyers feel more secure and your dealership never negatively impacts their credit score.

Generate More Qualified Leads

By leveraging OneCommand’s Customer Marketing & Loyalty Automation Platform™, calls to action are integrated into multiple channels of your marketing, to generate 3-4X more highquality  web leads.

Increase Closing Ratio

Access the Power to Purchase portal, powered by Credit Miner, to see a lead’s current payment, estimated balance, and interest rate, plus their credit score, so your sales team never wastes time on an unqualified lead.

Follow Up With Leads Instantly

Each time a lead submission is completed, an on-screen qualification status appears, including the “Up To” amount and the “As Low As” rate. This ensures leads come back to your dealership for future purchases andhelps to avoid embarrassing turndowns.

What can I expect from Power to Purchase?

Leverage OneCommand’s Customer Marketing & Loyalty Automation Platform™ to build a ready-to-buy, pre-qualified pipeline for your sales team. With an easy-to-install website form, provided by Credit Miner, all lead submissions receive an on-screen pre-qualify status with details about their buying power. And, each month OneCommand provides a match back report to determine how many pre-qualify lead submissions return to complete a sales transaction.

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