Downers Grove, IL September 23, 2015 — CreditMiner™, the automotive industry’s only Real-Time Pre-Screen solution for automotive dealers, announced today that it has acquired full global reseller status with all 3 credit bureaus. This allows for a seamless transition from a soft bureau transaction to a full application within the software platform. On the eve of CreditMiner’s full launch of the BASIS₂ platform, this announcement means that, for the first time, auto dealers now have a single credit software solution to execute all of their credit based inquiries. Dealers can avoid the need for additional logins, or having to deal with multiple billing and other sources to obtain the data they need to complete a vehicle transaction.
“The acquisition of this status for CreditMiner truly solidifies our commitment to both the automotive dealers and the retail space we operate in,” stated Don O’Neill, General Manager of CreditMiner. “In many situations, the bureau’s released a multi-year freeze for the addition of new re-sellers, which I feel speaks volume to our organization, as well as our commitment to compliance and technology.”
As a re-seller for all 3 major bureaus, CreditMiner can now offer the full suite of available FCRA regulated and Non-FCRA regulated data from the bureaus. This means that a dealer can now have one relationship for all bureau products, rather than the current model of introducing yet another vendor/service provider into the relationship. “I speak to dealers every day, more often than not, they can’t tell what they are being charged for credit and compliance data, yet alone who is providing it,” O’Neill said. “With this addition to our solution, we now allow the dealer to have full access to the credit and compliance data they need, without having to utilize multiple logins and multiple billing. CreditMiner provides dealers with the opportunity to hold a single vendor accountable for service and pricing, as well as the ability to elevate their product and service offering.”
CreditMiner has timed this release to support the full launch of its patent pending BASIS₂ platform. This cutting-edge solution allows dealers to take a customer from online or in showroom pre-screen, all the way to deal funding, without collecting a social security number or DOB. The fully transparent F&I and Sales solution provides a completely transparent finance transaction. It allows consumers to immediately see which banks in the dealers’ indirect lending portfolio desire to provide finance options to the consumer. “Our goal has always been to enable dealers to complete a vehicle transaction online. We are confident that this tool brings dealers to the point of consummation,” O’Neill stated.
“With the addition of full spectrum offering as a reseller, we now allow the dealer to do it efficiently, cost effectively, and with cutting-edge technology that cannot be duplicated.”
CreditMiner will be demonstrating its full suite of products and services at the upcoming Digital Dealer 19 Conference and Exposition, October 5-7, 2015, in Las Vegas, NV.
For more information visit booth #523 at Digital Dealer 19, call: 817-213-7042, or visit

About CreditMiner:

CreditMiner is a data-centric SaaS provider and credit Re-seller in the automotive retail sector. It brings Credit, Compliance and non FCRA data to the hands of OEM’s, lenders, and Dealers. With its patent pending and proprietary technologies, CreditMiner allows dealers to make data-based decisions, while providing an entirely new road map for consumer engagement. As the only credit reseller holding relationships with all 3 bureaus for Pre-Screen, CreditMiner continues to provide un-paralleled real-time solutions to the automotive retail sector.